Need a new challenge or looking for something different?

• Interested in making a career in aviation?

• Enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people?

A pilot's licence is an investment - not a cost!

Learning to fly is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences, offering a very high degree of personal satisfaction, prestige and plain good fun. Unlike other pastimes, flying can be justified by sound logical reasoning - for example, being the quickest, safest and most comfortable way to travel.

Whether you want to fly for fun, business or have a career, Lilydale has the right training course for you!

So, what's involved?

Stage 1 - Why not see if you like it! Contact us to book Trial Instructional Lesson with an instructor, giving you a 40 minute introductory flying lesson for just $140 (inc GST).

Stage 2 - "First Solo" normally after 10-15 hours of "dual" with a flight instructor. You will have passed a medical by this stage and should also be learning some important aviation theory, either at home or one of the regular theory courses run at Lilydale.

Stage 3 - The General Flying Progress Test (GFPT) is the first major licence, allowing you to fly family and friends around the Yarra Valley. It takes at least 15-20 hours of "dual" training with an instructor and 5-10 "solo" flying by yourself plus a small theory exam. However, in most cases it takes as little longer and so you are safer to bet on 35-40 hours total.

Stage 4- The Private Pilot (PPL) is where you can really reach new horizons, teaching you to navigate around Australia by air. This requires another 25-35 hours of training and a CASA theory exam.

Advanced - If you want a career in aviation, the next challenge is a Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL) and approvals giving you the freedom to fly larger, faster aircraft at night and in bad weather.

Why fly at Lilydale?

Complete training - Lilydale specialises in flight training for GFPT, PPL and CPL as well as Night, Retractable, Multi-engine, Instrument and Aerobatic Ratings. We have also provided licence conversions for overseas pilots visiting Australia from the UK, US, Canada, Malta and Germany.

High Standards - Since 1968 Lilydale has set an enviable record, training literally thousands of pilots to fly safely and professionally. Our friendly staff have amassed over 30,000 hours between them and are happy to pass you knowledge they have accumulated in over 32 years of flying!

Aircraft - Lilydale operates one of the largest fleets in Victoria. Our Piper Warriors are used for basic training around the world, while Beechcraft Bonanzas are used as advanced trainers by many of the world's airlines as well as being ideal for touring Australia's enormous distances.

Facilities - Being situated in the Yarra Valley, flying out of Lilydale saves you time and money. Firstly, you avoid the hassle of traffic and clearances required at Essendon or Moorabbin. Secondly, the large training area surrounds the airport meaning you can start your lesson as soon as you are in the air! Thirdly, our modern facilities and courses are structured to give you the full benefit of computer-based learning by utilising our fully approved advanced flight simulator.

Value for money - We are keen to ensure you receive value for your money at Lilydale. Combining our beginner and midweek discount schemes with the fact that you do not pay landing fees at Lilydale, means that flying with us is usually cheaper than anywhere else in Melbourne.

Lilydale Airport is open 7 days per week from 7.00am-7.00pm (Summer), 8.30am-5.30pm (Winter).

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